Posted by: horizonguy | July 5, 2008

Best practice checklist – Application Architechture

Application Architechture:

  • Make architecture layered ( BLL, DAL, Service, etc.., or use Plugin Model )
  • Make use of Domain driven design ( Real world business objects )
  • Make use of an IoC container ( Spring IoC, Castle Windsor )
  • Make use of MVC, Services, to prevent business logic in UI
  • Make sure to integrate a validation scheme(MS App Block, Spring)
  • Make use of declarative programming / attributes to simplify code
  • Make use of Aspects to simplify code
  • Make sure to include immediate support for automated Unit Testing
  • Make application very API based using layers and TDD
  • Make sure to support Import / Export functionality for business/testing
  • Use separate projects for generic utility code
  • Use separate projects for unit tests
  • Use separate projects for provider model implementations
  • Use Frameworks and libraries where appropriate
  • Use provider model to avoid excessive dependence on frameworks
  • Use ORM for non-performance intensive persistence
  • Support common requirements (Caching / import and export)

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