Posted by: horizonguy | June 11, 2010

ASP.NET MVC CMS – Using CommonLibrary.NET

My approach to the CommonLibrary.NET CMS ( ASP.NET MVC w/ C# 3.5 / 4. 0)

This is a 3rd post in the CMS series of posts.

There are a few principles I’m following when developing this ASP.NET MVC CMS.

  • Simple / Lightweight
  • Library/Frameworks – CommonLibrary.NET framework is generic enough for any development, not just web based ). It’s also completely separate from the CMS.
  • ActiveRecord based entities : To quickly generate / manage entities.
  • Code Generation – Use model schemas to generate your repositories, sql install files, UI’s ( much like ruby rails )
  • Agnostic Storage / Persistance – Entities can be persisted to either a database, file, in-memory, or other storage facility, using the same API, but different IRepository<T> implementations.
  • Minimal configuration
  • No Imposing CMS Framework – Using ASP.NET MVC, theorhetically, you can file copy the 1) CMS dlls, 2) CMS Views/folders, and just do some basic configuration for routes/global.aspx and that’s it. Basically you get a CMS system into your own site by simply copying a dlls, view folders. You’r application is not built into the CMS, but the CMS is fit into your app.
  • Import / Export as core feature – Import / Export of any model/entity type should be fully supported. This means import/export of data in/from xml, csv, ini, json, yaml formats.

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