Knowledge Sharing

Knowledged Sharing Best Practices

Knowledge sharing is an important aspect of collaborative development.

 The items listed below ( Domain Language, Releases, FAQ, etc. ) should be documented regardless of whether your application is a web or windows based application.

What knowledge should be documented and shared?

Language  Domain Language / ( Business Terms & Definitions )
Releases New Product Releases which includes new features and updates.( Your business users should be able to easily access this information, typically via a link to the web page from your application )
User Setup How to install / setup your application for a new client / end user
Dev Setup How to install / setup your development environment for new developer
Deployment How to deploy application from one environment to another( Dev -> QA -> Production ) Ideally, this should be mostly automated.
Standards What are the developer standards ( coding conventions, processes, tools used, etc. )
Testing All manual test cases that should be run prior to releasing software to QA/Production
FAQ FAQ – Build a frequently asked questions webpage for your end-users.This should also be easily accessable by your users from their application.
Prod Support Document common production support requests and how they should be handled. ( This is if they can’t be automated and/or fixed if they are bugs )
Schedules This includes project plans, time lines, dead-lines, vacation dates, etc.


How to promote knowledge sharing?

  1. Online documentation via Wiki’s
  2. Periodic group training sessions ( Developer and End-User based )
  3. Collaborative development ( pair programming / designing )
  4. Rotational processes


How does knowledge sharing help?

  1. Facilitates “collective” ownership of an application
  2. Helps developers grow & mature in technical skill and business knowledge
  3. Quickly gets new hires setup
  4. Facilities everyone being fully aware of changes, project plans etcs.

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