Posted by: horizonguy | July 5, 2008

Best practice checklist – Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing:

  • Make sure content management system is in place (Wiki, Share Point)
  • Document the domain language – Terms and Definitions
  • Enforce rotational processes (production support, collective ownership)
  • Document installation / deployment steps
  • Document new developer setup
  • Document coding standards
  • Document test cases for testing
  • Document Releases (Release 1.1 – Features / fixes)
  • Build an FAQ Page
  • Document known issues
  • Document meetings
  • Document common production support requests
Posted by: horizonguy | June 30, 2008

Best practice checklist – Build automation

Build automation:

This is summary check list of best-practices for build automation.
For a more complete documentation on the subject, check out this post:
Build Automation Best Practice Guide

  • Automate build using Continuous Integration
  • Integrate Unit tests in your build
  • Integrate code coverage metrics in build
  • Automate configuration for different environments (Dev / QA)
  • Automate deployment to different environments (Dev / QA)
  • Automate build in 10 – 20 minutes (or slightly more based on app )
  • Automate build and deployment via scripts if build system is down
  • Automate build from source control branches to deploy patches
  • Make sure you always have access to a build with latest dev code
  • Make sure branching structure is in place for releases and patches
  • Make sure dll’s and/or applications are versioned

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